Board Game Church

Board Game Church is for those aged 11 and up who enjoy board games – and by that we mean not just the traditional Scrabble and Monolopy, but also the newer more complex board games like Carcassone, and Ticket to Ride – and well the list goes on and on.

We aim to mix, playing board games and sharing in some food, with a time of worship, where we’ll get to know one another, pray, and look at scripture with a gamers eye!

We do ask any children under sixteen to bring an adult, but this is not just a kids church, but for those of us adults who enjoy board games too.

We’ll have an offering during the evening, to help cover costs, and help us purchase new games with which to play – and you are more than welcome to bring your favourite to introduce everyone to.

To reserve your place for the September Church (please do as it helps us cater) please click the following for your free tickets :-

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