The Jubilee Project – An Overview

amc-cross-leavesAcomb Methodist church celebrated 50 years in its present building, and 270 years of Methodism in Acomb in 2014.   In biblical terms, 50 years is a jubilee, and an encouragement to return home, and start afresh with life.  It was also the opportunity for us to create a vision for the next 50 years of our church and its mission.

Work to form that vision began two years previously, with a survey of our community, and lots of reflection on what we do, who we are, and what our calling is.

The result of that period of reflection, is our Jubilee Project.  An ambitious plan, to grow in the richness of our worshiping life, as churches together, to serve our communities needs more effectively, to reduce our carbon footprint, to offer a retreat garden space for our city and finally to redevelop our building to serve the future.

For more details on the various elements of our project – see below, or select from the Jubilee Project menu.  To help us in our fundraising, click the button below.

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NEWS  We are in the process of installing the pedestrian ramps and accessible WC for the garden and plan our formal launch in September.


Jubilee Project – 2013 Survey Results

In order to understand the needs of our community, a process of engaging with local charities, churches, government and those active in engaging positively with our community was undertaken.   Through conversations,workshops and desktop research with the help of a third party professional research organisation, we were able to draw together information on what is being […]

Jubilee Project – The Building

There are several elements to our new vision for the church building.   The first is to expand and open out the side entrance, and through landscaping to make this much more obviously the main entrance. This new much larger entrance foyer will include a coffee bar and seating.  This will be the final phase in […]

Jubilee Project – A Community Garden

Creating A Community Garden Our vision for the rear garden at Acomb Methodist Church is to create a peaceful, safe, community garden open to the public. We are transforming what was a fairly large but extremely neglected space, full of perennial weeds, into a community garden open to the public.  This is one phase of […]

Jubilee Project – Spiritual Development

Alongside the building development, the garden development and our mission we also hope to create opportunities for people to develop spiritually. We have already begun to explore a greater diversity of worship.  For the last twelve months we have experimented with more creative, prayerful and participatory worship and discovered that for many of us that […]

Jubilee Project – Take The New Survey

The survey below will help us to understand how we can best configure our garden to best serve the needs of our community. It would help us enormously if you could spend a few minutes completing it. Either enter in the box below, or click the link below for a new page on your browser. […]

Jubilee Project – Community Cinema

Our survey in 2013 suggested that the people living in our community would warm to the idea of a Community Cinema, running in the church.   We have purchased and installed suitable equipment, and are now looking for a small team to make this a reality.   A small core team responded to an appeal on the […]