Our Rooms


The following rooms are available for hire to individuals or groups, Monday to Saturday.  The rates for each room are as follows..:-

Room 2 :  £8.50 per hr.  5m x 5m with easy chairs and piano.

Room 3 £14.00 per hr.  9m x 8m with plastic chairs.

Room 4 £17.00 per hr.  14m x 9m plastic or more comfortable cloth chairs, video projector, 4m screen, PA and loop. This room also has ‘cinema’ capability.

Room 5: £14.00 per hr.   11m x 6m mix of comfortable chairs.  PA and loop.

Log Cabin (In garden): £8:50 per hr.  3m x 5m.  (Insulated/heated/kitchenette and wifi)

Sanctuary £17.00 per hr.  15m x 9m.  Hardwood chairs,  video projection, 3m screen, PA, loop, piano.

Retreat Garden (Exclusive Use) Includes Log Cabin, summerhouse and access to kitchen  £50 for 1st session (morning, afternoon or evening & £30 for additional sessions on same day)

All room hires need to include setup and clear up time.  Charities in line with our own aims may be offered discounted rates, please enquire when you contact us.

To rent or inquire about a room booking, see our contact pages, or email us..

All our rooms are centrally heated, and individually thermostatically controlled.   Access to tea and coffee making is provided with all rooms, and the kitchen can be rented for specific catering requirements.  WiFi is planned to be installed in the near future.


£8.50 per hr.  5m x 3m.   New from September 2017, we are now offering for community use the log cabin within our new retreat garden.  The cabin is heated, lit and has wifi facilities as well as a sink and kettles for simple refreshments.  The garden is served by an accessible wc and is accessed via a ramp at the rear of the church.   The cabin seats between 8-10 people depending on configuration.


Should exclusive use of the retreat garden be required, for away days, retreat or training days, with access to the Log Cabin, Summerhouse, then this can be arranged at certain times, although we seek to maintain community access where possible, so this may not always be viable.  Please enquire.

Room 4 The Large Hall

£17.00 per hr.  14m x 9m plastic chairs, video projector, dvd player and hdmi input for PC.  PA, cinema screen, speaker and loop.

The large hall is accessed down the main corridor.  It is adjacent to the kitchen, which can also be booked with the hall for catering purposes.     Tables and chairs are available on request.   The room comfortably seats 80-100 around tables, and 200 with ranks of chairs.

Room 4

This is the view from the stage.  The floor is a parquet wood flooring.

Windows are double glazed and curtained so the room can be darkened

Rear Hall - Room 4

This second view is from the entrance to the hall.   The stage is equipped with a 4m electric screen, and the room fitted with a video projector and HDMI and VGA inputs.   These facilities can be requested for an additional cost.

A portable PA system is also available, if technical staff are available to configure it, for an extra charge.  However, the room is fitted with a simple sing mike PA system, and loop which can be used on request.

Room 5 Medium Hall

£14.00per hr.   11m x 6m mix of comfortable chairs.  PA and loop.

Room 5 is a slightly smaller room, with patio doors giving access to the external side garden.  This garden is enclosed and a ramp leads down.   There is a serving hatch through to the kitchen, which can be booked in conjunction with the room.

Room 5

The room is supplied with comfortable seating, with some bucket chairs, and some upholstered standard chairs.   Tables can be provided on request.

The room is equipped with a public address and loop system, which can be made available.

The wall opposite the windows is suitable for projection, and blinds can be closed. A projector screen is also available on request.

Room 3 Large Room

£14.00 per hr.  9m x 8m with plastic chairs.

Room 3 is a perfect venue for a small group.  Again, with parquet wood flooring, and tables and chairs on request, and large windows, it is a light room, but with curtains if lower light levels are required.

Room 3

Here the room is set out for a small meeting.

Room 2

£8.50 per hr.  5m x 5m with easy chairs and piano.

Room 2 is often  reserved as a quiet space for reflection or prayer, but can be booked on occasion.  It is perfect for small groups, of around 12-14 people and contains easy chairs and coffee table, with piano.

Room 2

The Kitchen

The kitchen is available for rent along with existing rooms.  On occasion, this would be on a shared basis for simple tea and coffee making, if exclusive use was needed this could be offered for a charge.

The Church Kitchen

The Main Sanctuary

15m x 9m.  Set out with chairs for 140, and space in the gallery for a further 40.

The main church is also available for bookings.  The chairs can be removed, or relocated, but we wouldn’t usually do this unless in the case of a full day booking, and we had sufficient assistance to move the chairs.

The church is fitted with a good PA system, and video projection, with inputs downstairs, and upstairs.

The Main Church

The seating capacity downstairs is 140 with a further 40 seats in the balcony.

Main Church (Gallery)