Jubilee – current work

Since November 2017 we have been trialing a drop-in hospitality service for people using the community rooms and also any passers by. A generous donation of a small commercial espresso machine has allowed our church volunteers to learn basic barista techniques, to everybody’s benefit.

The trial has been very successful, we believe. We started running it on Fridays but now have extended it to Thursday afternoon and our Craft and Chat group now meets then. A great atmosphere has developed and we very often fill the church.

The next phase of our Jubilee work will build on this success. We have planned and will build a permanent servery instead of the thrown together use of trolleys and folding tables. We have been given a bigger espresso machine to include in this development

This is an early plan for the servery. It keeps being improved as we apply the experience we are getting.

The church sanctuary is a large and airy space but the doors into it are a bit dark and obscure the view. Also we know that families with buggies and wheelchair users find our accessible entrance difficult with its double manual doors that are tricky to use sometimes.

To further improve the social space we are going to replace the accessible doors with automatic sliding doors and the main church doors with fully glazed modern doors to give unobstructed view into the space.

These changes also bring some environmental impact benefits as we are replacing single glass with double glazed panels on the external glazing.

If, as we expect, these changes lead to greater use of our social space we want to extend the days and hours of operation, to recruit more volunteers from the community and to expand to provide simple snacks.